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Music, My Hero

Hello everyone!

So it has been a minute, or really its been a couple of months.  January was the month straight from hell.  My mental health took a major hit and I have been struggling to find my balance.  While I have been trying to take care of myself by graciously saying no to extra work things, going to therapy, and taking different medication…there are still days where I feel like a complete failure.  However, today I wanted to take a minute and talk about one of my favorite things.  MUSIC!

No matter what kind of day I am having, music can always make me feel better.  There is this power that songs possess.  Music has the power to make you feel less alone, to make you feel happy, to make you feel stronger, and sometimes to help you feel at peace.

So, today I decided to share some of the artists and songs I have been listening to lately.  Heads up…some of the songs are explicit….GASP!

K. Flay

K. Flay is my latest obsession.  Her music a great mix of anger, heart, sadness, and humor.  I’ve made a list of my favorites…however, check out more of her music!  She has so many songs that are equally amazing! If you only want to listen to one, I would suggest Cops.  It is my absolute favorite. Also, most of her songs are explicit, so if you don’t like swearing….you’ve been warned.

Vance Joy

Oh, Vance.  He is so heartbroken in these songs.  But I’m living for it!  I’m sure all of us have felt the same way as Vance in these two songs.  If you haven’t, what voodoo magic do you possess?   Take a listen and enjoy his beautiful voice.


Cage the Elephant

I have always loved Cage the Elephant.  Recently, I came across this song and I instantly fell in love with it.  Somehow, the singer’s whiney voice is so endearing to me.  If you like Cigarette Daydreams, I really recommend to you look into more of Cage the Elephant’s songs.

Lady Gaga 

Okay, I love Lady Gaga.  Yep, I do.  I love her crazy costumes, and I am absolutely astounded by her amazing vocal capabilities.  Whether or not you like her, it is hard to deny that this chick has an incredible voice.  Now, let’s talk about this masterpiece.  Til It Happens to You, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song (She did not win, but in my opinion it should have).  I had not heard of the song until she performed it during the Oscars.  I was in tears.  During her performance she had invited victims of sexual assault to join her on stage.  It was powerful.


I love Lorde’s style.  Her new album was a bit different than her first, but I love it so much!  I instantly loved the beats, the lyrics, and her new style.  Now, the song that makes me feel all the feels is Liability.  Damn, Lorde.  If there ever was a song that described how I feel sometimes, this is it.

Manchester Orchestra

My lovely, husband introduced me to Manchester Orchestra.  I love that there is a band that we both enjoy listening to.  Most of our music interests are very different, but Manchester is one we can always agree on.  He is an amazing lyricist and has the most beautiful lines in his songs.  Along with Liability from Lorde, After the Scripture is another song that brings the damn feels for me.  On the opposite end, if you are feeling feisty take a listen to The Virgin.


Alright, this song…ugh.  I can’t even express how stunning this song is, so I will let you find out for yourself.

Radical Face

My list of music would never be complete without mentioning Radical Face.  Ben has been one of my favorite artists for a very long time.  My brother-in-law introduced me and I have been hooked ever since.  I recently saw Ben in concert and was able to meet him.  It was incredible.

When I got married, I walked down the aisle to Welcome Home (Reprise).  Radical Face has always been my go to and I will always try to get people to listen to Ben’s work.  I would recommend listening to all of his songs.  I could go on and on about Radical Face, but instead I’ll just list some of my favorite songs of his.

Radical Face - Benradical-face-set-list.jpg

I hope you enjoyed listening to some of the songs I have been enjoying. If you have songs that you are obsessed with, please share them in the comments!



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